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RMS Industrial Services Co. Ltd., situated in Rayong was established in the year 1994. The company is an approved licensee of Furmanite UK., a worldwide specialist engineering firm. RMS understands that energy will continue to play a key role in urbanization and hence aims to contribute significantly to the energy sector, Petrochemicals, Pulp & Paper Industry, Oil & Gas, Steel mill economically as well as environmentally.   


With the use of its experience and expertise in this field, the company ensures the longevity of an existing plant or of any newly implemented infrastructure with its modern and performance-oriented services. Tailoring to the profitability of the client and productivity with sustainable systems of plants is of utmost importance for the company.


To increase efficiency and lifetime of industrial plants, advanced technologies are used for diagnostics and monitoring in order to provide efficient solutions to issues before they lead to any enormous problems or financial losses.


RMS smart industrial services include


  • On-line Leak Sealing

  • On-site Machining

  • On-site Pipe Cold Cutting and Beveling

  • Hot Tapping

  • On-line Safety Valve Testing (Trevitest)

  • Bolt Torque Tightening and Tensioning

  • Heat Exchanger Tube Protection


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