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Safe and secure lifting requirement of heavy equipment plays a crucial role in power generation projects. RMS takes into account reliable transportation, installation and placement of heavy equipment with rigorous safety measures in order to keep the project in motion as per schedules. Our professional team and advanced methods ensure proper movement and installation of equipment with supervision and planning.

RMS Capabilities Include


  • Engineer and Design Specialized Lifts

  • On base Procedure for Heavy Plant Equipment

  • Lifting structures

  • Skid Rails and Tracks

  • Construction of Rail Sidings, Bypass bridges and Custom Bridge Jumpers

  • Hydraulic Gantries and Strand Jacks.

  • Customized Transportation and Lifting Plans

  • Heavy Lift Cranes

RMS has over 20 years of experience in heavy equipment lifting to 450 tons which include

  • Gas Turbine Assembly

  • Steam Turbine Assembly

  • Electric Generator with Inserted Rotor

  • Electric Transformer

  • Steel Mill Plant Equipment

  • Vessels for Petrochemical/Oil and Gas

  • Tower Boiler and HRSG Drums

  • Accidental Heavy Trucks


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