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Shaft alignment systems

Precision shaft alignment systems by the makers of OPTALIGN and ROTALIGN.

Geometrical measurement systems

Laser alignment systems for machine geometry.


Wide range of shims for all kinds of machine alignment situations.

Software for alignment systems

Manage measurement files, view and analyse results, create professional reports.

Alignment Systems Apps

Laser shaft alignment on tablets and smartphones.

Belt pulley alignment systems

Reduce noise, wear and vibrations.

Equipment for monitoring positional changes

Real-time monitoring of dynamic machine positional changes.


Secure fixation of measurement components on various types of shafts.

Online Condition

Monitoring systems

Online Condition Monitoring companies.

Sensors and accessories for Condition Monitoring

Rugged, compact and reliable: our sensors are simply perfect for industrial measurements.

Portable systems for Condition Monitoring

Data collectors and vibrations analyzers are ideal for regular inspections and specific diagnoses in the machine park.

Continuous wear monitoring system

Online particle counter monitors wear debris in oil.

Machine protection systems

A Machine Protection System is used to shut off machines automatically in case of problems to prevent greater damage.

Condition Monitoring Software

Our software products are easy to use, powerful and come at a low cost of ownership.

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